Z-5 Plus
Original Z-5
Z-5 Plus
The Z-5 Plus incorporates many of the new features created for the original Z-5 into a new front panel.Here are the new features:
  • v4 circuit board
  • Pan slider for color crossfade between internal and external image
  • VCQO's now controllable via an external Control Voltage (CV) instead of only the internal LFO
  • Internal VCA's are also controllable via an external Control Voltage
  • X, Y, Z and Orbit potentiometer are now 10 turn.
  • Z Rotation via a VCQO or the Sine/Cosine Hallpot Resolver
More information about these new upgrade may be found on the Z-5 Modification support page.

Ordering a new Z-5 Plus will include the Z-5c color modulator. The price for a Z-5 Plus is $6995 plus shipping.